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06.12.2012 17:51


my guild member Bunda cant log in .
He Uninstalled his old game and downloaded new client from your web.
But that client isnt working.
What should he do?
PS:Everyone who downloaded that new client says that its not working.
Thank you reply Smidunka Czech-Rebels



We are aware of the on-going issues with GameGuard and the re-installation process.

We have made an official announcement about these issues and we provided a possible solution to this problem on the announcement. 

(Announcement link - https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/news/noticedetail/1/5366?searchtype=&searchword=)

Please do try the solution we provided you and let us know how it goes afterwards by updating your current DQ&A.
(Please make sure that all of your old game files are deleted before re-installing it. You can do this by accessing, 'My Computer' -> 'C: Drive'-> 'GamesCampus' -> Delete 'Shot Online' folder.)

If the solution we provided does not work for you, please be patient, as we are doing our best communicating with the developers and GameGuard to resolve these issues for you.

Make sure to check our official announcement time to time, as we will be updating it as soon as we find a solution to these problems.

We highly appreciate your time and patience.
Thank you.

Shot Online Team


He deleted his game and gameGuard too but its still not working .
He re-installed it as you told ....10x !
We really dont know what to do...
Thx Smidunka



Sorry for not being able to help you guys earlier.

The developers will be uploading the game launcher update files and then share the download link with us.

Then, we will share the download link with you, so that you can use it to download the patch to resolve the client related issues.

BEFORE you download the update file, please MAKE SURE to read our official announcement post regarding this issue. (We will have the download link available on our official announcement. We are expecting the official announcement to be ready within the next 12 hours.) 

You do not need to download / install the entire game client. 
There are only update files and it should be a fairly quick process.

Please make sure to follow the direct on our News post and let us know how it goes for you.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience these issues have caused you. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Shot Online Team


odkaz níže je aktualizace na SO...teoreticky by to mělo opravit chyby a měla by ti jít spustit hra.

Zkus to stáhnout a nainstalovat....

Snad to vyjde,pak mi dejte vědět ...pa Smidunka